• Class Size 3 - 10
  • Duration 1h
  • Course Type Single-Class
  • Total Enrolled 6

Course Description

Zumba provides an outlet for participants to be active and self-expressive through dance. In a positive and inclusive setting, dancers will have the opportunity to get a cardio-based workout while learning the dance basics of popular Latin and urban dance styles. No experience necessary and everyBODY is welcome. Come break a sweat and join the fun!

Required Materials

  • Water and a towel

Class Experience

  • Participants will be introduced to new dance movements and will be encouraged to follow specific movements led by the instructor. Urban and Latin dances including salsa, reggaeton, bachata and hip hop will be explored to popular urban and Latin music.

Instructor Expertise

  • This class will encourage participants to stay fit and active through dance and cardio fitness. With a passion for dance, Emily brings her innate creativity, knowledge and experience with dance to each of her Zumba classes. After receiving an undergraduate degree in Dance from York University, Emily has applied her dance passion and skills to her work within the community. Emily‚Äôs organic spin on Zumba will be sure to keep you moving and grooving each week!

Safety Info

  • This fitness class will ask participants to physically move in various ways that include jumping, squatting, turning, stretching and other movement involving all parts of the body. Participants should be mindful of any injuries or limitations they may have when participating in this class. Instructor will offer adaptations as needed, however they are not responsible for any injuries that may occur due to class participation.