You can Beatbox!

Course Description

This is a course for anyone who wants to learn to make the sounds of a drum set using only their mouth!  We will learn a slew of weird and wonderful noises, and eventually combine 3 basic sounds into a full rock beat to send you on your way to becoming a human drum machine.  Drum in the shower, on the bus, or walking down the street. Get some weird looks? …probably. Have a ton of fun? Absolutely. 

Required Materials

  • None!

Class Experience

  • This class will include a lot of demonstration, call and response, and interactivity. Participants will experiment making sounds with their mouth on their own, and share with the class within their own comfort level. We will learn many individual sounds, and ultimately combine what we have learned to beatbox along with an actual song. Expect to be laughing a lot as you make sounds you've never made before!

Instructor Expertise

  • David has been beatboxing for well over a decade, and has always enjoyed making silly sounds and exploring the limits of the human voice. He holds degrees in Music Performance and Education, and is a dynamic and engaging instructor with over 7 years of performing experience and 500+ Educational workshops under his belt. He tours internationally with the multi Juno-nominated Vocal Quartet "Cadence" and the New York City based group "Duwende". He has appeared on America's Got Talent, toured with Grammy award winning-artists, opened for Jay Leno, and his two groups have garnered more than 5 million views on YouTube.

Safety Info

  • None.

“You can Beatbox!”

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