The Golden Compass Read Along

Course Description

A weekly interactive read-through of a short book/chapter of a series punctuated by discussion, dancing, and rules to follow when key words, characters, or themes come up. The class essentially functions like a party game for kids and will be an excellent play-based story experience. *This class is a drop-in, but we will be reading through a book, so I encourage kids to come to as many classes as they can!*

Class Experience

  • As I read aloud through each week's chosen material, the kids will be invited to participate in a variety of games/rules. Every time an animal is mentioned, we all will become it. Every time a character is mentioned, there will be some sort of physicality/characteristic associated. There will be discussion questions throughout the class, e.g., what would you want as your superpower? How would you react in this situation? Does anyone know what this word means? We will then wrap up with a short chat about themes/words we learned, what our favourite parts were, and our big takeaway from the story that week.

Required Materials

  • All you need is yourself! If you have a copy of the book we will be reading from and would like to read along please bring it, but it's not required. Regardless of if you have been following along the whole time or are just dropping in for the week, I will send out a short summary of the previous chapters the day before class so that everyone is caught up.

Instructor Expertise

  • I have always been an avid reader with a big imagination, and as a theatre teacher, am no stranger to introducing students to the concept of letting go and being silly. The read-along is for the kid who loves to read as well as the kid who maybe doesn't have the patience for it yet. This class will keep them engaged with each other, strengthen their listening skills, and grow their love of reading and storytelling. Also, it’s going to be a ton of fun! (And for my parents, this is a potential for 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted bliss.)

Safety Info

  • We will be doing minimal movement - character physicality, stretching etc. Either standing or sitting.