The Call Back: Audition and Self Tape Technique – Professional Coaching for the Actor

Course Description

This course is a single class with the option for a three class package priced at $120.00
The following areas and technique will be approached:
  • On characterization, personalization, relaxation, improvisation
  • On given circumstances, objectives, actions and as if’s
  • On bold life and death choices, risks and originality
  • The casting directors’ point of view (what may the director be looking for)
  • The producer’s point of view (type, setting, the most economic choice)
  • The writers’ point of view (story)
  • The actor’s point of view (character)
  • Continuity’s point of view (physical and emotional)
  • YOU GET…confidence to own the room. Enhance your listening skills, guidance in crafting your boldest acting choices, and insight into the business.

Class Experience

  • IMPORTANT NOTE TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL: Emails will be sent out to each participant around starting five days before class requesting: headshot, resume (for casting of sides), questions regarding any of your audition requests, confirming who is reading for whom and delivery of your material for class. PLEASE RESPOND, and CONFIRM your attendance or your spot in class will be replaced.
  • All devices must be shut off accept for the computer being used for class. Each student is responsible for memorizing their scripts/sides and being the reader for your fellow classmates. The reader MUST TRY their best to support their fellow classmates. I'll give notes for a second take. Depending on the size of the class, there will be opportunity for playback of your work. Each student gives a critique of their peer’s audition by commenting on three positive descriptive words. I will cover the following areas of technique: given circumstances, objectives, actions, 'as if’s' (will be taught), characterization, personalization, relaxation, improvisation, and bold choices.
  • We will also discuss: the casting directors’ point of view (what may the director be looking for), the producer’s point of view (type, setting, the most economic choice), the writers’ point of view (story), the actor’s point of view (character) and continuity’s point of view (physical and emotional).

Required Materials

  • - Please set up in a comfortable chair, having good natural light on your face, comfortable clothes (preferably solid color tops)
  • - Please take 15 minutes before your sign into Zoom to do a relaxation and vocal preparation that works for you
  • - Each student will receive sides two nights before class and the order in which they will perform, therefore please prepare your material accordingly by being off book (memorized)
  • - Please make your Zoom backdrop when Video is off to NOTHING

Instructor Expertise

  • We need acting coaches whose strengths lie in the ability to communicate and bridge intimate acting techniques, the unpredictability of human behavior and storytelling to actors with empathy, strong interpersonal skills, brilliance, mental health education and most importantly their own personal professional experience.
  • I started my career as an actor in Toronto, Canada. I moved to New York City to study at Circle in the Square Theatre School after university. I studied at a variety of private acting schools, including HB Studios. I was accepted into the three-year intensive Actors Studio Drama School MFA program in New York. During those three years, I was trained in theatre history, directing, acting techniques, dream work, voice, modern dance at Alvin Ailey Dance School and all the techniques surrounding the theatre. Over the past twenty-five years, I have performed as a professional actor in film, television and on the stage in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles.
  • Acting programs are facing new challenges as the world-wide pandemic affects how we communicate with each other, how we share our stories via social media and create on platforms like Zoom, while society speeds along a flattening digital world . It will take a keen awareness along with expertise to communicate the depth of craft in the great acting techniques so that actors today can grow into fully three-dimensional bold fearless story tellers.

Safety Info

  • There are no safety hazards in this class.