Secret Word Paint Smush

Course Description

Learning, crafting and games don’t have to cost a fortune. In this class we take everyday materials and create something spectacular. Join us for a world of educational fun, making learning something your littles are excited about! Today we are creating colourful creations while learning/refining our writing and reading skills. Whether you scavenge around your home or make a quick trip to your local dollar store, we’re taking the stress out of keeping these wild imaginations occupied.

Required Materials

  • -Large plastic baggies
  • -White card stock
  • -White Crayon
  • -Paint

Instructor Expertise

  • I am an Early Childhood Education student from Algonquin College as well as, a loving and energetic nanny. Shaping young minds and having fun while doing so has always been a passion of mine!

“Secret Word Paint Smush”

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