Mindfulness – Young Bucks

  • Categories Health & Wellness
  • Class Size 2 - 6
  • Duration 30m
  • Course Type Single-Class

Course Description

Each week we will talk about how our week was going, guess/discuss what a person says to a question asked such as “What do you like more: cats or dogs?” Also, we will share and connect on our thoughts such as “Name 3 people you are thankful for?” Lastly, we will do some meditation exercises which can include breathing exercises or doing poses.

Required Materials

  • No resources are needed.

Class Experience

  • Participants will learn by interacting with each other and myself through discussion and sharing experiences and thoughts. Routines and introduction will begin at the start of each class and a recap will be done at the end.

Instructor Expertise

  • As a teacher who works with children, I know the importance of mental health and being mindful to others. I want to help children share their thoughts and feelings towards various topics to help them feel good about themselves and develop skills that will help them later on in life such as communication, leadership, compassion, respect and care.

Safety Info

  • No potential hazards. Some fitness component - getting out of their seat to move such as breathing exercises and stretching (yoga poses)

“Mindfulness – Young Bucks”

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