Math and Science Club (Mathmania and Sci-Fun)

  • Categories Academics
  • Class Size 2 - 8
  • Duration 45m
  • Course Type Single-Class

Course Description

Each week we will do math-related and science-related activities, whether it be Jeopardy, riddles, online games, Kahoot, codebreakers, etc. Depending on the activity, children will work in pairs, teams or individually.

Required Materials

  • Paper and Pencil

Class Experience

  • Participants will learn topics by taking part in games and asking/answering questions. There will be group games and discussion sessions to help children build their knowledge and communication. A range of math and science topics will be covered such as animals, plants, adding, subtracting, fractions and rounding.

Instructor Expertise

  • As a Science and Math teacher, the main complaint that children have is that Math and Science is boring. I want to teach a class that shows children that math and science can be fun and interesting.

Safety Info

  • No safety hazards. There may be some fitness component such as getting out of their seat, but very minimal.

“Math and Science Club (Mathmania and Sci-Fun)”

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