Kids’ Improv Online

Course Description

Through this 6 week class, we will dive together into the fundamentals of improvised comedy. Whether you’re already the “funny friend”, or you’re just looking to get out of your shell, this is the best way to have fun and say YES in a safe, comfortable environment.

If you’re unsure, feel free to take a look at our wonderful drop-in options and try it out!

Class Experience

  • This class will run once a week, for one and a half hours with a 10-15 minute break in the middle. Throughout the weeks, we will be working on the fundamentals of Improv comedy, growing from group exercises, to saying "Yes" and building on other's ideas, to character-work, object-work, physicality, emotions, all in the spirit of discovering what is fun and what is funny (usually one and the same.)

Required Materials

  • Just your shining personality.

Instructor Expertise

  • Graduate of the Second CIty's Conservatory program, a teacher of Second City's Education Company, producer and host of longstanding jam show Anyone Goes, he writes, he performs, he paints, and he has fun doing it! David Hadley is a Toronto comedian with years of improv experience behind him that he now wishes to impart on folks young and old who want to see what this whole improv comedy thing is all about.

Safety Info

  • Parental Supervision is not required.