“Creative Writing”

Course Description

A weekly writing class which allows young writers to work on previous stories or explore their imagination with new writing! This can include anything from scenes, sketches, short stories, and poetry! Students will learn how to give and accept feedback as part of the creative process, as well as expand their imaginations and creativity.

Required Materials

  • Just a comfy writing tool: i.e. A notebook or word document
  • and a writing utensil: i.e. a pen and/or pencil, fingers/other for your keyboard

Class Experience

  • Each session will contain some warm ups, some writing, some sharing, and some feedback & learning time. Through various catered writing exercise, as well as free time to explore different mediums and ideas, kids will be able to strengthen their writing skills and feel more comfortable with making stories! Kids can optionally share their work -- only when they are comfortable -- and through peer feedback, learn how to listen, absorb, and understand how to help others with their work!

Instructor Expertise

  • I think if you love to write, you can write! And I also think it takes time for anyone of any age to develop a voice and figure out what they like writing. The goal of this class is to create a space where young folks can explore their interests and not be afraid of writing something that they think is not very good. I have written some terrible things! But I have also written work that I am incredibly proud of and I think that feeling is special and completely possible for anyone to feel!

Safety Info

  • There is nothing dangerous here! Except for searching your soul! ha ha, no we won't ask you do that... unless