Comedy Pilot Writing 101

Course Description

Do you love television and have a hankering to write your very own show? Welcome to Comedy Pilot Writing 101! A course where you’ll be taken through the fundamentals of pilot writing for television, and at the end of this course, you’ll walk away with your very own original script!

This course is comprised of three (potentially four depending on how much conversation we get into!), one-hour long classes that begin on Monday, February 15th, 6 pm PST/9 pm EST and recur weekly.

Class Experience

  • This will be an interactive lesson where students will be encouraged to ask questions to help propel conversation during class. After we go over all the planned material, we'll look over two half-hour pilots and break them down for all the components of pilot writing that we'll cover in the curriculum.

Required Materials

  • Screenwriting software. There are free ones you can download if you don't already have one. Plus any implements you might like for note-taking.

Instructor Expertise

  • Within this class, and the pilot you'll eventually send me for feedback -- I can help you find your own genuine voice. As well as helping you craft the most engaging story and pilot you can!