Combat for Stage & Screen – Single Sword (Thursdays @7pm – 10 week class series)

Course Description

(Ages 12 and Above)

Ever wanted to learn how to Swashbuckle? Swing a longsword like Henry Cavill in The
Witcher? Fight hand to hand like Black Widow?

Unleash your inner action hero with these classes in Combat for Stage and Screen.

For this Weapon Series, we will be focusing our study on the sword. Single sword, to be precise. Over the next 10 weeks, participants in this class will learn and practice the basics of Single Sword: the stances, the movement, the hand positions, how to hold a sword, the parries, and the attacks.  Not only will the participants be learning and practicing single sword techniques, they will also learn a short piece of fight choreography that will gradually be taught over the course of the series. By the end of the 10 weeks, the participants will have a better understanding and familiarity handling and wielding a single sword as well as a piece of choreography that they can perform.

No actual weapons are required because in this class we will use common household items to learn the basics of weapon work, in the context of Performance Combat. Can be done solo or with a partner.

The classes are grouped into “Weapon Series”, meaning a series of classes will focus on a singular weapon and each class will build upon the knowledge of previous classes. This does not mean that you cannot do a single drop-in of the series, but those who sign up and participate in the whole series will receive a deeper understanding and appreciation of the weapon being studied as they will have more practice and familiarity with the material and weapon.

Please note that the price for the 10 weeks of the series is $150, which works out to be $15 per class, but the Drop-Ins are $20 per class.

This class requires a room with about 6ft of free and cleared space. See the Safety Info (right) and the Required Materials sections (below) for what you need to bring to class.

Required Materials

  • -For this class, you will require something that will represent your sword.
  • If you do not happen to have a sword lying around, no worries! We can use many items to pretend to be a sword, preferably an item with a grip that you can wrap your fingers around, like a stick, or a wooden spoon, a ruler, even a pen or a marker! Nothing too heavy.
  • - room with about 6ft of solid space, free and clear of clutter and debris.
  • - comfortable, non-slippery footwear that you can easily move in.

Class Experience

  • In these classes, we will learn to cut! Parry! Thrust and LUNGE! The basics of Single Sword.
  • Classes are structured over Zoom just as they are in a real classroom. Students will pin the instructor's Zoom feed for best viewing and learning during the Techniques Practice Sections. The instructor will give feedback orally or written, depending on the preference of the student.
  • The same will be for the Choreography Section of the class with the exception that if 2 or more students would like to be each other's scene/fight partners, they will pin each other's Zoom feeds during their choreography practice sections in order for them to better connect with their scene partners in the choreography.
  • All material taught in class can be applied in the "real world", not just over Zoom or the "Virtual World". All Safety Precautions will be explained and expected to be practiced during class by all participants as though they are actually facing off and practicing in-person with their partners.
  • We will learn how to use a sword, then.... We will fight each other in a virtual duel!

Instructor Expertise

  • I have been training in Martial Arts for over 30 years.
  • I have trained in Stage Combat for over 15 years, and I am a credited instructor with Fight Directors Canada since 2015.
  • I have been instructing Martial Arts as both an assistant and as an instructor for over 20 years.
  • This class has a Secondary Instructor; their name is Louisa Zhu. This Secondary Instructor will sometimes assist the main instructor (Erick) during class with demonstrations and may substitute Erick, in the potential event that he cannot instruct himself. An announcement will be made to all participants if this is the case.

Safety Info

  • Space around you is important. I want to make sure you will not knock over a lamp or that Ming vase you borrowed from the museum. Make sure you have at least 6 ft of room around you.
  • Next; make sure you have a good solid, non-slippery flooring, clear of debris. You may train barefoot or comfortable footwear (something that you can move in, like a running shoe).

“Combat for Stage & Screen – Single Sword (Thursdays @7pm – 10 week class series)”

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