Beginner Improv for Adults Drop-in!

Course Description

Are you looking for a fun way to gain confidence in group settings? Are you looking for a new creative outlet with a low time commitment? Learn to flex that funny bone right from the comfort of your living room with Online Improv for Adults Drop-in!

Required Materials

  • Nothing except yourself!

Class Experience

  • This introductory class will use a game-based model to teach confidence, decisiveness and spontaneity. Through improv games, students will learn to get out of their heads, be confident in their choices and to listen more actively. By honing these skills, students will be working towards improvising scenes and characters.

Instructor Expertise

  • Janelle is a Second City trained comedian and improviser who’s most recent credit is understudying The Second City Toronto’s sketch comedy revue, If I Could #Throwback Time. She is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory program as well as a co-writer, producer, and performer in the award winning sketch comedy revue, Carpe into my DMs. Based out of Toronto, Janelle produces and performs in the monthly musical improv show, Selling Out!, as well as participates in numerous other shows around the city on a regular basis.

Safety Info

  • You can sit or stand, but have enough space around your computer that you can move your arms easily!

“Beginner Improv for Adults Drop-in”

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