Arts and Crafts for Kids: Animals!

Course Description

Children ages 4 – 11 are welcome!

In this 40-minute class, crafters will get to make up to 3 jungle animal crafts. From snakes to tigers to butterflies and more, it’s the perfect place to interact with others and unleash some wild creativity!

The crafts will be easy to learn and even more fun to make. We’re all home more than ever before, and this class is a simple way to get your child away from the TV and engaging with others.

Moreover, art is a great way for children to learn better dexterity and how to express themselves…while obviously having tons of fun!

Class Experience

  • This interactive class is a safe space. I will be on the screen along with a second display screen that will showcase the craft creation up close. Participants are encouraged to ask questions anytime during the process, and all are welcome to showcase their work!

Required Materials

  • All materials can be bought at a local dollar store if you have the time. HOWEVER, any of these materials can be substituted with other materials you have lying around the house. Don't let the potential lack of a pipe cleaner stop you from joining!
  • - Construction Paper
  • - Glue
  • - Tape
  • - Coloured Pencils/ Markers
  • - Pencil
  • - Scissors
  • - Yarn/ String/ Twine
  • - Paper Plates (Can be substituted for construction paper!)
  • - Coffee Filters
  • - Pipe Cleaners (Optional)
  • - Hole Punch (Optional)
  • - Googly Eyes (Optional)
  • **All materials will not be used every class. Classes will tailored to what everyone has on hand.

Instructor Expertise

  • Hi! I'm Monica. I've been doing arts & crafts since I was little. From Origami to paper gluing to jewelry making--you name it, I've made it! On top of that, I have plenty of experience working with children, in-person and online. Excited to see you soon!

Safety Info

  • Parental supervision is not required, though we will be using scissors so please be sure your child is comfortable with them before leaving your child unattended.