Welcome to ConfettiHeads

Launched in September 2020, ConfettiHeads was started by 3 friends. Two freelance artists and one working parent. We saw a need for a platform that would help our freelancer friends -- actors, writers, artists -- find a way to work remotely. We felt that by helping these freelancers we could also help parents struggling to keep their kids entertained with so many extracurriculars shut down.

And so, ConfettiHeads was born.

We’re like that club you wish you’d joined (if that club let you participate from your favorite couch/bed/happy place). Our live video classes offer interactivity, accountability, and a communal experience for both student and instructor - wherever you are!

Celebrating the Arts

Online Interactive Arts Classes for Kids and Adults

Launched in September 2020, ConfettiHeads was started by three friends. Two freelance artists and one working parent. With the pandemic in full effect we saw an opportunity to do two things: safely and conveniently provide arts classes to everyone at home and help the creative community.

People were stuck at home without their usual art classes and entertainment, and the creative community had lost all of their usual venues to share their talents. By connecting arts professionals with children, parents, and arts enthusiasts online, we would be able to provide sustainable income for artists while delivering sorely needed entertainment to adults and kids.

And so, ConfettiHeads was born.

Our classes are expertly designed to deliver arts experiences that improve skills and encourage community interaction. Each class is tailored for the online format, so that you can get as much out of them as you would from an in-person class. Our Instructors are professional freelance artists ready to share their skills with the world.

We are a fun, creative place to spend your time, learn a new skill, and meet wonderful people along the way.

Our Values


Professors, trainers, and local artisans make up our roster of talented instructors. They’re passionate people in your community, with specialized skills, that they’re looking to share. By supporting ConfettiHeads, you are supporting communities.


We aim to deliver the most unique and creative content in the online learning and hobby world…… If you can dream it, you can offer it on ConfettiHeads’ platform.


ConfettiHeads is committed to fostering a safe and respectful space for all participants to enjoy our resources freely by promoting positive and inclusive interactions between all community members.