As we transition deeper into this digital age, we’re reminded constantly of the importance of taking advantage of all that the internet has to offer.


Social/interactive groups have traditionally been held in person – as we shift our focus to the virtual world, it’s important to learn all the little things you can do to make this as memorable of an experience as possible.


Below are a few helpful tips for getting the most out of your e-learning experience. Have others you want to share? Let us know in the comment section below.


Tip 1:

Create a Zoom Zone.

Sometimes e-learning courses can be just the break you need from your daily stresses. This is why it’s so important to find a quiet space away from everyone else. This space can help you associate your courses with peace and focus. This will not only put you in the right headspace but also avoid unwanted distractions and outside noise throughout the course. Lighting plays a large role in choosing your Zoom Zone. Finding a room with a window and facing it during your call will help keep your face illuminated and not hiding away in the dark, unable to be seen by others. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of sunshine?


Tip 2:

Participation is Key.

It’s so easy to let your mind wander during a traditional, pre-recorded lesson. Luckily, with ConfettiHeads’ Live classes, that problem is avoided entirely. With the face-to-face aspect of a live video course, you’re given a much more inclusive and engaging atmosphere.  Staying in tune and participating in discussions throughout the class can ensure that you get the most from your e-learning experience. As a bonus, this will also help you create some great relationships along the way.


Tip 3:

Keep the conversation going.

A huge benefit of taking live online courses is the potential relationships you can build. It can be hard to get a chance to create a friendship with someone throughout just one class. If you find that you’re connecting with someone, a great way to keep the conversation going is to exchange contact information.


A great way to have conversations and connect with other participants is the “chat” feature. Using this feature throughout your class is a perfect opportunity to get to know someone on a one-on-one basis. This will help you build potentially great relationships with people who share your interests.


At the end of the day, you’re taking a course in a subject that interests you, and getting the chance to meet incredible people who share your hobbies. Besides the obvious added bonus of getting to do it all in your favorite pair of sweats, in the comfort of your own home! Why not do everything you can to make it an even more epic experience.

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